The Tennis Buzz is the Tennis family you’ll want to be a part of.
Creating a Buzz around tennis and sharing our knowledge of the game to enhance the sport we all love.

The Tennis Buzz

The Tennis Buzz idea was born out of the desire to bring the tennis community together in one unique place. A place where coaches and clubs can share ideas, discussions can take place, friendships formed and the tennis world can grow. We wanted to provide the opportunity for all tennis enthusiasts to come together and network.
 Josh and I discussed many aspects of tennis during the Coronavirus crisis about ways we could help coaches, clubs and players to benefit the game.
We concluded how amazing it would be to provide a one stop shop for tennis where people could chat, connect, post jobs, find jobs, learn and network with the rest of the tennis community and so the idea of The Tennis Buzz was born.

Steven Bradshaw Co-Founder

I’m so excited by the potential of The Tennis Buzz to pull a community together in one place. I’ve been involved in tennis most of my life and have been a coach for the best part of 14 years.
This community platform truly excites me as I feel it bridges the gaps within our sport. We want to provide useful resources for players, coaches, clubs and parents, but we also understand we can’t do it all ourselves and that is why as one big community we hope to draw on different ideas and opinions to help inspire the current and future generations of our sport.
I’ve had the pleasure of coaching thousands of players of differing ages and abilities both overseas and in the UK. I share a real passion and love for the sport and look forward to developing The Tennis Buzz further with new weekly video content, blogs and discussions.
We want to inspire coaches to share their ideas, friends to practice together, parents to get on court with their children and most of all to drive participation in this amazing sport.

Josh Wilson Co-Founder

I feel very passionately about the positive impact The Tennis Buzz can have on the community. Having one platform where coaches, players and tennis fans can watch video tutorials, share ideas, connect and network with each other in the same manner as other social media platforms is a huge a boost to the tennis world.
With employers able to post their jobs, coaches looking for work are able to use our simple jobs dashboard to easily apply, lesson plan resources and our growing video library are some of the things that make me so excited to be bringing this platform to the tennis community.
I’ve played tennis from a young age and been coaching full time for 8 years in various different locations around the world. I want to pass on the things i’ve learnt and want to use this platform to learn from other highly talented coaches. Every coach has an idea to share and every player a story to tell which is the most exciting part.