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A Social Community

The Tennis Buzz is a social media platform designed specifically for Tennis. Connect and Network with Coaches, Clubs and Players. Private messaging, Newsfeed, Profiles, Discussion forums and Groups.

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Get access to all videos and content.
New videos added frequently to an ever growing library of drills, tutorials, games, hints and tips.

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Are you looking to recruit a new coach? Then look no further with the built-in Jobs Dashboard and free to post Jobs section it makes finding the perfect coach nice and simple.
Applicants can apply directly on the site.

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Whether you are just starting out or looking for a new challenge. You'll not find an easier way to browse jobs.
Once you've seen a position you are interested in you can apply simply through either uploading your CV or by clicking to apply with the pre-built CV/Resume function.

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Access all content and post comments wherever you are. Watch videos on the go, enjoy discussions and plan your next lessons wherever you find yourself.

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Coach and Club Resources

Our aim is to provide value to the tennis community with easy to download materials; Lesson Plans, Tournament Draws, American Doubles Formats, Match Charting
Planning should be easy providing more time for coaching and helping others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Tennis Buzz is the one stop shop for the tennis community. It connects clubs, players and coaches in one place.
It provides a user-friendly jobs platform.
The Tennis Buzz provides a free library of content and resources; Drills and coaching videos.
It’s a purpose built Social media platform to connect with clubs, coaches and other players.

As soon as you’ve signed up head to My Profile. You will then be able to complete your profile information and then you can fill in the relevant details to build a a great profile to connect wih the tennis world.

It costs nothing to Join. We are a community platform and therefore want to make it as accessible as possible for the whole community to join. We will in the future be looking for sponsors to help us run the website and manage the operating costs but we aim to maintain it as a free site as we feel it best serves the whole tennis community when there are no barriers.

We’ve made posting jobs very simple through our jobs dashboard. Under the Jobs tab you’ll find Post a Job. Follow this link and complete the attached form with company logos, videos, job description and simply post for free.

You’ve found the perfect job and desperate to apply? Great news… Click apply on the job link and you’ll find two options. The first option is to complete the form and attach your C.V. and Resume and click to submit.
The second option is to create a Resume on the built in Resume function. This allows for a simple click to apply feature. The Resume function means you can act immediately when that perfect job pops up.

Connecting with other Users and networking is an intuitive feeling. Through the tennis directory tab you’ll find all users of the site here. You can quickly search players, clubs or coaches. You can also search by name or location. You can then choose to follow or connect with specific users. They will then have to accept your connection request.
Connecting through groups, forums and newsfeed posts is also a great way to network on the platform.